FAQ for the mechanic

Questions regarding the portal
Questions about the device
Questions about the SOS service
Questions regarding the portal
Do you recommend a particular browser in order to make the best use of the portal?

The portal can be used with any browser, although we recommend to use Google Chrome.

From which devices can I access the portal?
From a PC, smartphone, tablet, AXONE NEMO, AXONE 5, AXONE 4, AXONE S and AXONE 4 Mini.
Where can I find my TEXA ID?
You can find your TEXA ID in the section Copyright of the IDC4 or asking your Retailer.
I am not able to complete the registration to the portal care.texa.com. What can I do?

We recommend to temporarily deactivate any firewalls / browser extensions that may interfere with the communication between your PC and our servers, and try again.

What should I do if forget my password or the email address I used for the login?

If you have lost your password, you can recover it by clicking on Recover Password and following the indications provided. If you have forgotten the email you used for the registration, please contact the assistance service: service.care@texa.com .

Do I see the situation of my customers’ vehicles in real time?
Yes, as long as the app is connected to the device.
What can I do if the selection of the vehicle on which I must install TEXA CARe is not available?

If the vehicle has the requirements for TEXA CARe, you can use a standard OBD selection. This selection is called: OBD - OBD.

Can I know where my customer’s vehicle is located?
No, only the operation centre can have this information and only in case of emergency.
Can I delete an Alert or an error?

No, the system is designed to depend on TEXA CARe completely. As long as TEXA CARe detects an error, the Alert will remain visible.

Can I edit the workshop’s information?
Yes, except for the company name and VAT number.
How can I delete a created vehicle?
Select the vehicle in the section Vehicle and click the icon on the upper right of the page.
How can I edit a created vehicle?

Select the vehicle in the section Vehicle and click Edit on the lower part of the screen. After making the changes needed, click Confirm.

How can I enter the driver’s data?
The data is loaded automatically once the driver registers.
How can I manage the replacement of a TEXA CARe that is already installed?

Select the vehicle on which the TEXA CARe that must be replaced is installed in the section Vehicle, click Replace and enter the serial number of the new TEXA CARe.

What does Availability service mean?

The Availability service allows your customers who have installed TEXA CARe to view your availability phone number and contact you outside the working hours defined in the portal. You can choose which customers can view it.

In order to configure a new TEXA CARe, does the new vehicle have to be created on the portal first?

No, creating the new vehicle before giving the device to the customer will be at your discretion. In fact, if it is not done, the new vehicle will appear in the portal once the driver has configured the device and entered the vehicle data.

How do I know that the new vehicle will appear in my portal and not in somebody else's?

The system automatically detects the device code during the configuration phase and assigns it to the portal of the mechanic it was sold to.

Questions about the device
What should I do if I have problems installing TEXA CARe?

If you do not find a solution among the FAQ, we recommend to contact your Retailer or the TEXA Technical Assistance.

Does the vehicle engine need to be running during installation?
Yes, to ensure a correct vehicle configuration and start-up of diagnostic systems.
Where do I find TEXA CARe's serial number?
You can find the serial number of TEXA CARe on the product's label or packaging.
How do I know if TEXA CARe is connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket correctly?

To verify if TEXA CARe is connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket correctly, proceed as follows:

1. Start the vehicle

2. Make sure the green LED on TEXA CARe is flashing

3. Make sure the connection between TEXA CARe and CARe app is established correctly

What should I do if one or more warning lights turn on in the vehicle's dashboard while installing or using TEXA CARe?

If warning lights turn on while installing or using TEXA CARe, proceed as follows:

1. Make sure the vehicle does not actually have the problem indicated by the activation of the warning lights.

2. If in fact the problem is not caused by the vehicle, remove the device temporarily.

3. Signal the problem to TEXA promptly, supplying detailed information regarding the type of vehicle

and its equipment so the case can be verified.

Does TEXA CARe allow you to view the errors related to the engine / antipollution system only (EOBD)?

No, based on the vehicle, the EOBD or advanced diagnosis (CAN network, vehicle body, etc.) will be available.

Can TEXA CARe be updated?
Yes, it can be updated and it is possible to implement other functions in the future.
Can the customer see the error codes?
No, the customer can only see a short description of the error.
Can the customer update the service expiration dates?
No, it is a function reserved for the mechanic that installed TEXA CARe.
Does the customer have to pay me for the TEXA CARe?
Yes, the customer must pay you (mechanic/installer) for the TEXA CARe.
Questions about the SOS service
Does the SOS service need to be activated when selling the product?

Not necessarily, it can be done by the driver at a later time directly from the app, following the path EMERGENCY - SOS until they will be called by TEXA Security, which must be informed that it is a test.

Does the SOS Service have a charge?

TEXA CARe includes 4 months of the SOS Service free of charge. The following subscriptions are optional, they must be purchased monthly and last one year.

Will I receive the customer’s payment for the SOS subscription?
No, the customer will pay the monthly subscription fee directly in the App.
Will TEXA CARe warn of the expiration of the SOS Service?
Yes, the driver will be warned through the integrated expiration calendar.
Does the SOS Light service have a charge?

No, the SOS Light service is provided free of charge. It is an additional function, available for everyone free of charge.


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